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01/25/2011 Applying life insurance policy to FARJHO – Coli'ed FARJHO

There are many variation possibilities to add on some bells and whistles to the basic form of a FARJHO/LLC structure for the benefits of sophisticated consumers under the current legal infrastructure of the US.

As a simple example of the use of life insurance policies for AHO and JPIs members of a FARJHO/LLC, we could offer a specialized product called Coli’ed FARJHO as one of the optional features for potential FARJHO/LLC members.

Since the use of Coli has been a bit controversial by many corporations in the past, irrespective of the fact that it is perfectly legal and even ethical when applied prudently, our management does not want to promote it or to associate FARJHO with it due to the image issue but we would like to consider making it available to sophisticated consumers who may choose to have it instead.

Coli is the acronym for “Corporate Owned Life Insurance” on employees. They may also be called a Boli “Business Owned Life Insurance” or an Eoli “Employer Owned Life Insurance” policy.

Although it is not for everybody, we may consider using the similar structure to have it applied to potential LLC members of a FARJHO/LLC structure when the participants are all eligible and unanimously vote for it. Our licensed insurance staff would be able to answer more detailed questions on how this could be done.

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