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03/09/2011 How convenient that PIMCO sold all their Treasury holdings to the American taxpayers! Thanks to the liquidity provided by Bernanke' QE2.

I refer to my earlier blog posts about Fed’s Quantitative Easing programs (you could also scroll down and read them below):

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11/04/2010 What do Fed’s quantitative easings and Jerome Kerviel’s big bets have in common? Their last words: My bosses knew it all along and they didn’t stop me.

Well, exactly as predicted back in November, now the bond funds had sold them all, by the end of February. Buy-low-sell-high they did and Bernanke, on behalf of us taxpayers but without our permission, is holding the bag of those depreciated and soon sliding Treasury papers.

What is the net effect of Quantitative Easing programs so far? Those bond fund inner circle friends are laughing all the way to the banks and appeared to be investment gurus and heroes yet one more time again.

The sequence of events seem to have been staged so smoothly!

Was PIMCO simply as smart as I was back in November in thinking that Bernanke and his colleagues at the Federal Reserve and the US Treasury were suckers or is it rather that they and their Black Minerals brethren have been in bed with Bernanke and Geithner all along and thought we taxpayers could really be the suckers?

What exactly is the purpose of QE2 again? Irrespective of what really transpired behind closed doors, has it achieved it or anything positive for our American economy other than simply making the fat cats fatter?

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