Innovation Trio: SwapRent, FARJHO & TARELV

Shared Appreciation through Shared Cash Flows – the New Economic Owning, Renting and Own-Rent Switching Concepts as well as Business Methods for Managing Real Estate Properties –

Press, Magazine, Book, Academic Paper and Blog Coverage of SwapRent (SM), FARJHO (SM) and Real Estate Related Financial Innovations Since 2001

The following is an incomplete  partial list of press, magazine, book, academic paper and blog coverage of SwapRent (SM), FARJHO (SM) and other real estate related financial innovations by author Ralph Y. Liu Since 2001.

Posts from Other Blog Sites on SwapRent (SM) and FARJHO (SM):

“Ralph Liu’s Clever Idea: SwapRent”, Business Week Hot Property Blog, Posted by Peter Coy on October 11th, 2007.

“SwapRent: Is This A Viable Program for Homeowners and Investment Institutions?”, Real Estate Blog, Posted by Tyler McKenzie on October 10th, 2007.

“Own-to-Rent with a Twist”, Economics of Contempt, May 30th, 2008.

“Real Estate Derivative Markets: Why We Need Them”, Economics of Contempt, June 3rd, 2008.

“Introduction to SwapRent: If debt-to-equity swaps work for banks, why not for houses too?” by Felix Salmon at Market Movers,, October 3rd, 2008.

“Beyond Uncle Sam’s Big Bailout”, Capital Commerce by James Pethokoukis, US News and World Report, October 6th, 2008.

“Ralph Y. Liu: 12-27-08 SwapRent and Economic Stimulus Plan”, Financial Economics Today – Wayne Marr, Professor of Business Administration, School of Management, University of Alaska at Fairbanks, December 27th, 2008.

“Could SwapRent stop the foreclosure crisis?”, BankThink, Published by American Banker, Posted by Emily Flitter on April 14th, 2009.

“SwapRent: Ralph Liu’s Mortgage Innovation”, But Then What Blog by Tom Lindmark, July 20th, 2009.

“SwapRent: An Alternative for Saving Underwater Homeowners”, But Then What Blog by Tom Lindmark, August 10th, 2009.

“FARMing Out The Housing Crisis”, Guest Post at Nakedcapitalism by Leo Kolivakis, Pusblisher of Pension Pulse, August 14th, 2009.

“FARMing Out The Housing Crisis?”, Leo Kolivakis, Pension Pulse, August 14th, 2009.

“Alternative Housing Finance: How Does SwapRent Work”, by Larry Doyle at Sense on Cents and Daily Markets on August 24th, 2010 – Web Sites: Sense on Cents, Daily Markets.

“Lisa McCarthy Interviews Crowdfunding Expert Ralph Liu”, Newswire, by Chris Ryan, July 24th, 2012.

“Innovation in real-estate finance: equity-sharing as a financing alternative for homeowners”, by George Brighten of University of Pennsylvania, Social Enterprise Associates, August 4th, 2012.

Newspapers, Magazine, Book, Academic Paper and Industry Reports That Referenced or Reported on SwapRent (SM) and FARJHO (SM)

“Entrepreneur Liu Sees A Derivative Solution for Homeowners”, Dow Jones Newswires, September 4th, 2007.

“Product Proposed to Hedge Against Home Prices”, Inside Mortgage Finance’s Inside B&C Lending, August 24th, 2007.

“SwapRent (SM) Plan Matches Struggling Borrowers with Investors”,, July 10th, 2007.

“Consumer and Mortgage Credit at a Crossroads: Preserving Expanded Access While Informing Choices and Protecting Consumers”, Joint Center for Housing Studies, Harvard University, Eric S. Belsky and Ren S. Essene, Last Revised on February 26, 2008, UCC08-1 (page 55).

“Identifying, Managing and Mitigating Risks to Borrowers in Changing Mortgage and Consumer Credit Markets”, Joint Center for Housing Studies, Harvard University, Eric S. Belsky, Karl E. Case and Susan J. Smith, February, 2008, UCC08-14 (page 36 & 37).

“Homeownership 2.0”, Northwestern University Law Review, Lee Anne Fennell, Professor of Law, the Law School, University of Chicago, 2008 (page 1048).

“Housing Risk”, Susan J. Smith, Professor of Geography and a Director of the Institute of Advanced Study, Durham University, Durham, England, the United Kingdom ( ). This paper appears in Amin, A., O’Neill, M., Daya and Brown (eds) (2009) Thinking about almost everything (Profile Books) (page 2).

“Note to Kyle – Revised Toward a Model Forecasting House Price Turning Points", by Maury Seldin, Advanced Studies Institute, Weimer School of Advanced Studies in Real Estate and Land Economics, Homer Hoyt Institute, April 2008 (page 1). – Homer Hoyt Institute Web Link.

“Rethinking the Risks of Home Ownership”, Susan J. Smith, Beverley A. Searle and Nicole Cook, Department of Geography, Durham University. Jnl. Soc. Pol., 38, 1, 83-102, Cambridge University Press, 2008. (page 98).

“Milken Institute Events – Financial Innovations Labs”, Chaired by Glenn Yago, October, 2008 (page 1). – Milken Institute Web Link.

“Leveraging Bailout Funds with an Old Idea – Shared Appreciation Units”, Norm Miller and Michael Sklarz, University of San Diego, Burnham-Moores Center for Real Estate, November, 2008 (page 1).

“Borrowing to Live – Consumer and Mortgage Credit Revisited”, Nicolas P. Retsinas and Eric S. Belsky, Editors, Joint Center of Housing Study, Harvard University, 2008 (page 55).

“Subprime Mortgage and Securitization: A Brilliant Idea for Widening Access – What Went Wrong and What Can Be Rescued”, A Presentation by Professor Charles Goodhart, Financial Markets Group, London School of Economics, January 2009. (page 10).

“Game-Changers: New Financial Products and Platforms for Uncharted Territories”, by John Jay, Senior Analyst, Aite Group, April 6th, 2009 (Subscription, page 4 – 7).

“Innovative financing for homeownership: the potential for shared equity initiatives in Australia”, by Simon Pinnegar, Hazel Easthope, Bill Randolph, Peter Williams and Judith Yates for the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute, AHURI Final Report No. 137, August, 2009 (page 72, 98). – The Australian Policy Online web site.

“Private sector home affordability strategies progress”, Structured Credit Investor, Issue 155, October 7th, 2009.

“A new beginning”, Islamic Home Finance, Islamic Business and Finance, Oct 09, Issue 46, CPI Financial, November 2nd, 2009. – CPI Financial web link.

The Unbounded Home – Property Values Beyond Property Lines”, by Lee Anne Fennell, Yale University Press, 2009 (page 268).

“Managing Financial Risks: From Global to Local”, Edited by Gordon L. Clark, Adam D. Dixon, Ashby H. B. Monk, Oxford University Press, 2009 (page 256).

“Modelling Price Movements in Housing Micro-Markets: Permanent and Transitory Components in Local Housing Market Dynamics”, RICS Research Report; Michael White and Neil Dunse, Heriot-Watt University, Scotland; Patrick Wilson, University of Technology Sydney, Australia; Ralf Zurbruegg, University of Adelaide, Australia, July 2009 (page 7).

“A New Concept Aims to Help Resolve Problem Loans”, by Bonnie Sinnock, National Mortgage News, March 10th, 2010. –Web Version.

“The SwapRent (SM) Transactions for Homeowners, HELM and FARM – A New Alternative Housing Finance System”, Housing Finance International (HFI), the Quarterly Journal of International Union for Housing Finance (IUHF), Brussels, December 2009. (The new issue is for IUHF members only and there is a moratorium for public access currently in place. Please contact the publisher for a copy. – Editor’s Introduction.

“Swap Specialist Tries Novel Strategy”, Hedge Fund Alert, Harrison Scott Publications Inc., April 14th, 2010 (page 6).

“SwapRent Aims to Help Resolve Today’s Problem Loans and More”, American Banker, SourcesMedia, Inc., March 9th, 2010.

“The Mortgage of the Future”, Peter Coy, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, November 10th, 2011 (pages 5 & 6).    Web Version

“Fund Eyes Equity Sharing Strategy”, Asset-Backed Alert – The Weekly Update of Worldwide Securitization, Harrison Scott Publications, Inc., (page 4).

Pre-SwapRent (2006) Efforts on Mortgage Innovations and Real Estate Derivatives Developments:

“Profile: Ralph Liu – Back on the Ranch”, Risk China Magazine (in Chinese), December 2006.

“Profile: Ralph Liu – Back on the Ranch”, Asia Risk Magazine, July 2006.

“The Chinese Derivatives Market Is Way Too Seductive” – An Interview by Securities Week Magazine in Beijing, March 2006 (in Chinese), Page 1; Page 2; Page 3.

“China Takes Limelight”, Derivatives Week, March 20th, 2006.

“The man behind the deal”, The Hong Kong Standard, February 14th, 2006.

“Rancher Spurs Beijing to Accept Rate Swaps”, Wall Street Journal, February 14th, 2006.

“PBOC lists rules for interest rate swaps”, The Standard, February 10th, 2006.

Comments on Session “Aggregation Issues” by Professor Robert J. Shiller, BIS Paper No. 21, Part 26, Page 338, April 2005).

“Entrepreneur Sees A Futures Market for Homeowners”, Los Angeles Times, April 20th, 2003.

LA Times Article Web Version, April 20th, 2003.

“Universal Hedging”, Risk Magazine, Feature by Nick Sawyer, March 6th, 2003. – Web-link.

“How to Profit from the Coming Real Estate Bust – Money-Making Strategies for the End of Housing Bubble”, John Rubino, Published by Rodale 2003, ISBN 1579548709, 9781579548704, pages 226-227.

“Preserving Your Home’s Value”, Business 2.0, February 2003.

“Building A Hedge for Housing”, Risk Magazine, Feature, December 1st, 2002. – Web-link.

“First Online Exchange for Real Estate Futures”, FOW Week (Page 4), September 2002.

Conferences and Seminars on SwapRent (SM), FARJHO (SM), Real Estate Derivatives, Financial Innovations in China, … etc.:

“Single Family Aggregation – REO to Rental Forum”, A Forum for Private Equity, REITs, Institutional Investors and Bank Rent-to-Own Programs, by IMN Conferences, November 29th – 30th, 2012, Camelback Inn J.W. Marriot Hotel, Scottsdale, Arizona. – Conference Agenda (PDF)

“US Real Estate Opportunities 2013”, Panel Speaker on FARJHO, IvyPlus Family Office Network, Beverly Hilton, Los Angeles, November 13th, 2012 – Conference Agenda (PDF)

“US Real Estate Opportunities 2012”, Panel Speaker on FARJHO, Ivy Plus Family Office Network, Beverly Hilton, Los Angeles, June 20th, 2012. – Conference Agenda (PDF).

“Domestic Real Estate Opportunities 2012”, Panel Moderator and Speaker on FARJHO, Ivy Plus Family Office Network, Hilton Hotel, San Francisco, April 12th, 2012. – Conference Agenda (PDF).

“Global Real Estate Opportunities 2012”, Panel Moderator, IvyFON Family Office Outlook 2012, Palomar Hotel, Los Angeles, January 18th, 2012. – Draft Agenda IvyFON Family Office Outlook 2012 Conference.

“Second International Think Tank on Housing Wealth, House Prices and Risk”, Melbourne, Australia, Organized by Durham University, Durham, England and RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia, 12-13 February 2009. – Draft Conference Agenda.

“Milken Institute Financial Innovations Lab, Seminar of Housing Finance – Beyond the Crisis”, Washington DC, Organized by Milken Institute, October 7th, 2008.

“Harvard Business School Real Estate Symposium 2008”, Organized by Harvard Business School, Cambridge, MA, February 9th, 2008.

“Guest Speaker Series – A Talk on SwapRent (SM)”, Finance Club, Drucker Graduate School of Management, Claremont, CA, Organized by Claremont Graduate University, Claremont, CA, November 6th, 2007.

Terrapinn Real Estate Derivatives World Conference, New York City, April, 2007.

Terrapinn Property Derivatives World Conference, London, June, 2006.

Keynote Speech at ISDA Annual General Meeting in Singapore, March 2006.

International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA) 2006 AGM Presentation File on Chinese Financial Markets, Singapore, March 2006.

Signing Ceremony Photo of the First CNY (RMB) – denominated Interest Rate Swap in China, January 2006.

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