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02/01/2011 Home mortgage interest deduction and FARJHO

Recently there has been a political movement brewing in the Congress to remove all or partially the home mortgage interest deduction from earned income by working taxpayers. On the first thought by many people, it would give the FARJHO concept and the FARJHO/LLC structure in the US a major boost. They are right. It will!

The economic pundits and policy makers in this country will gradually and finally wake up to the power and the benefits of FARJHO. If some of them haven’t, give them a few more years. Consumers and voters will let them know, perhaps including their own spouses and children.

As mentioned in previous blogs and the web site before, tax rules are man-made. They should not become the main reasons why people choose to alter the way they live their lives. Tax rules simply reflect the competency of the elected law makers and government admin officials of a country. Philosophically I detest all those tax oriented financial transactions and products and look down upon all those who promote them.

Therefore, although there may be many tax advantages of a FARJHO/LLC structure and it is increasingly so, we would not want to associate FARJHO with any tax advantaged financial products. We won’t have to. There are many financial, investment, neighborhood stability and social harmony aspects of economic and social merits already provided by the new FARJHO and SwapRent alternative ways for people to own homes.

FARJHO does not need the tax angle to become another motivation why consumers would embrace it.

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01/25/2011 Applying life insurance policy to FARJHO – Coli'ed FARJHO

There are many variation possibilities to add on some bells and whistles to the basic form of a FARJHO/LLC structure for the benefits of sophisticated consumers under the current legal infrastructure of the US.

As a simple example of the use of life insurance policies for AHO and JPIs members of a FARJHO/LLC, we could offer a specialized product called Coli’ed FARJHO as one of the optional features for potential FARJHO/LLC members.

Since the use of Coli has been a bit controversial by many corporations in the past, irrespective of the fact that it is perfectly legal and even ethical when applied prudently, our management does not want to promote it or to associate FARJHO with it due to the image issue but we would like to consider making it available to sophisticated consumers who may choose to have it instead.

Coli is the acronym for “Corporate Owned Life Insurance” on employees. They may also be called a Boli “Business Owned Life Insurance” or an Eoli “Employer Owned Life Insurance” policy.

Although it is not for everybody, we may consider using the similar structure to have it applied to potential LLC members of a FARJHO/LLC structure when the participants are all eligible and unanimously vote for it. Our licensed insurance staff would be able to answer more detailed questions on how this could be done.

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01/24/2010 Announcing InvestorsAlly, Inc.'s new corporate HQ office in sunny Southern California

We have moved into a new office space of Corporate Plaza East in Newport Center.

23 Corporate Plaza Drive, Suite 133
Newport Beach, CA 92660

It is near the Fashion Island Mall along PCH in Newport Beach. The following services will be available at this location soon.

InvestorsAlly Realty (CA DRE 01523183)
InvestorsAlly Home Loans (NMLS 397242)
InvestorsAlly Advisors (FINRA CRD 156222)
InvestorsAlly Insurance (CDI 0D61139)
InvestorsAlly Commercial (CA DRE 01342940)
InvestorsAlly FARJHO Services
InvestorsAlly SwapRent Services (Coming Soon)
InvestorsAlly Securities (Coming Soon)

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